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Acupuncture for ED is an alternative method to treat problems with sexual health, which has originated in ancient China. The cornerstone of acupuncture is a belief that vital energy known as chi smoothly runs through the body meridians. Each meridian has numerous acupuncture points.

The scientific world has not yet come to the firm conclusion about the effectiveness of acupuncture for erectile dysfunction. But anyway, it’s obvious that it may have a substantial therapeutic effect.

In fact, there are 350 acupuncture points located throughout the body. When the energy balance is disrupted, this will invariably result in some health problems. If this happens, it’s necessary to insert very thin needles into the skin (into the acupuncture points). The depth of insertion varies. It’s considered that this procedure promotes proper energy circulation through the body and, consequently, heals the disease.

Acupuncture for Impotence: Effects of Endogenous Opioid Peptides

Virtually, acupuncture treatment for ED is an external stimulation. So, it’s no wonder that a living organism responses to such a stimulation. Both animal studies and human trials prove this. Thus, acupuncture has an influence on local and distant areas in the body.

That is, a local response occurs directly or near the place where the needles are inserted, while a distant response occurs in the central nervous system. In such a way, it’s possible to normalize many physiological processes.

In particular, acupuncture contributes to the increased release of endogenous opioid peptides. In turn, these substances partially enhance the ability of acupuncture to alleviate pain. Moreover, some opioid antagonists can nullify pain-relieving effects of acupuncture. This only proves the fact that opioid peptides do participate in the mechanism of pain relief which acupuncture treatment activates.

Best Male Enhancement Pills: What to Expect

Firstly, you should find a reliable acupuncturist whom you can trust. Secondly, you should check your health. Let the acupuncture specialist examine your tongue appearance, pulse, and other physical characteristics. In addition, don’t forget to describe your health history to him or her. Besides, tell your acupuncture doctor what seems to be your trouble. Basing on the information you provide, the doctor will work out the most suitable treatment strategy. Hydromax penis pump also can help with ED.

Don’t wonder if the depth of insertion is not the same. This happens if the acupuncture specialist is convinced that his or her actions will restore the energy balance in the patient’s body.

Don’t be afraid of pain. You will not feel it. Most probably, you will feel nothing. In some cases, a little discomfort may be possible. Usually, the duration of acupuncture session varies from 5 to 30 minutes. Peace and tranquility are what you are going to feel afterwards. As a rule, the course of erectile dysfunction treatment includes about 12 acupuncture sessions which you will have once per week or once every two weeks.

Acupuncture as ED Cure: Is It Real?

You know that acupuncture involves needling that should alleviate pain or decrease anxiety and depression. According to the Chinese medicine, acupuncture can be a universal remedy. And there are many scientists and doctors all over the globe who claim that it’s possible to use acupuncture as ED cure. This statement is based on the ability of acupuncture to stimulate blood circulation. And it’s obvious that without proper blood circulation men can’t attain and sustain rigid erections. To treat erectile dysfunction, it’s necessary to stimulate the abdominal area, legs, and hands with fine needles.

If impotence is neurophysiological in origin, acupuncture will help combat it. The matter is that acupuncture considerably impacts the central nervous system, treating its diseases. And it’s known that such diseases can cause erectile dysfunction. So, men suffering from psychological erectile dysfunction can effectively undergo acupuncture treatment.

Best Male Enhancement Pills of 2018: Scientific Evidence

A range of studies investigated whether acupuncture treatment for ED is as beneficial for male sexual function as many men believe. And the findings from these studies show that acupuncture really gives men with erectile dysfunction an opportunity to forget about this disorder. However, it is subject to psychological erectile dysfunction only. Moreover, note that the studies exploring whether acupuncture cures ED which is a result of some drug adverse effect, trauma, disease, or surgery have not been carried out. Let’s have a look at the studies which have promising results for the acupuncture adherents.

  • Austrian study. A group of Austrian scientists has investigated which influence acupuncture had on 13 men with impotence. It was found out that physical factors have not been the cause of impotence. Thus, for 3 days, all patients took male enhancement pills to achieve an erection. And as a result, none of men had a problem with erection. After this, the scientists created two study groups. First group included 7 participants who had acupuncture sessions for several weeks. During the treatment, the points related to erectile dysfunction were stimulated.

    The second group consisting of 6 participants was a placebo one. In this case, unspecified areas of the body were stimulated with needles. At the end of study period, 65% of men from the first group experienced a substantial decrease in ED symptoms, while the second group noticed no changes.

    But remarkably, after a short period of time, the patients from placebo group became the participants of the real group and underwent acupuncture for ED. And these men also had an improvement in sexual function.


  • Turkish study. In this study, three groups of men took part. The first group consisted of 15 men. These 37 year old men had acupuncture sessions. The second group included 16 men. These 38 year old patients underwent hypnotherapy. Finally, 29 men participated in the third group – a placebo one. These 36 year old participants had no real treatment. As a result, the control group demonstrated a 43-47% decrease in impotence symptoms. The other two groups experienced more significant improvements. Thus, 60% of men from acupuncture group overcame erectile dysfunction fully or partially. And 75% of patients from hypnosis group were able to get and maintain a strong erection. The scientists came to a conclusion that acupuncture can be a part of comprehensive ED treatment. And this approach will be effective if impotence is not of organic origin. Moreover, a combination of acupuncture, hypnosis, and placebo can be even more beneficial than a separate use of acupuncture treatment.


  • Chinese study. The study involved 102 men who suffered from psychological ED for more than 3 years. They were divided into two equal groups, 51 participants each. The participants of the first group combined acupuncture which psychotherapy, while the men from the second group underwent psychotherapy only. The target of psychological treatment was to rebuild self-esteem in men. The efficiency of the treatment was determined by the man’s ability to maintain an erection hard enough to have sex and finally reach orgasm. At the end of the study, 45 men from the group with complex treatment could achieve and keep an erection and have a satisfying sex. At the same time, only 24 participants from the control group could boast of such results. The study findings speak for themselves.


  • Netherlandish study. All participants underwent only acupuncture therapy for ED treatment. The duration of each acupuncture session was 30 minutes. The course lasted for 4 weeks. Blood tests measuring the levels of stress hormones in participants were finally taken. However, the hormone levels remained the same. As for the other effects, they included the improved ability to maintain firm, long-lasting erections and enhancement of sexual pleasure and satisfaction. It’s obvious that acupuncture therapy can combat ED.

The scientists have also conducted other studies. But their results were inconclusive. Anyway, the abovementioned studies provide scientific evidence that acupuncture really helps fix ED of psychological origin. However, of course, these studies are not enough to 100% guarantee the effectiveness of acupuncture. That’s why more studies are required to understand better how acupuncture treats impotence and how to maximally use the power of this treatment method.

Acupuncture in ED Treatment: Steps to Take

If you aspire to check the benefits of acupuncture in ED treatment, it’s necessary to takes these steps:

  • Before you undergo acupuncture therapy, you have to primarily get to know which factors have lead to erectile dysfunction development. Thus, if impotence is a result of a trauma or disease, acupuncture will be helpless. The matter is that this alternative ED treatment method is beneficial only for those men whose impairment of sexual function is caused by psychological factors.
  • So, based on the physical examination your doctor has proved that you have a psychological erectile dysfunction. And you still have an intention to use acupuncture for the improvement of your sexual health. Well, then your most important task is to find a highly reputable acupuncturist. First of all, acupuncturist should be a licensed professional. Secondly, you should know exactly what you can require from the acupuncture practitioner. Comprehensive information on this issue is available on the Internet. In addition, your doctor may help you find the acupuncturist with a flawless reputation. By the way, a general practitioner can also include acupuncture to his or her treatment methods. Remember that it’s crucial to read the patients’ reviews and all possible information which you can find about the acupuncture specialist whose services you are going to use. Thus, there are many useful and honest reviews on the Internet.


  • If you have chosen the acupuncturist whom you trust, it’s advisable to get in touch with your health insurance provider to get to know whether you should or shouldn’t pay for acupuncture sessions. There are the insurance providers which partially pay for such kind of treatment.


  • Even if the insurance provider covers some expenses for your acupuncture therapy, the rest of the sum you should pay out of pocket. Decide in advance how much you are going to pay for the treatment so that the acupuncture practitioner could plan your therapy accordingly. Actually, the number of sessions you should have, basing on your symptoms, has a direct impact on the cost of acupuncture. The acupuncturist will learn your health history, use physical exam to determine whether you really need acupuncture and, if so, which length of the course is suitable for you.


  • Ask the acupuncture specialist whether you need some preparations before the treatment. As a rule, patients shouldn’t prepare before the session. However, it’s better to find out this before the treatment starts.

Acupuncture Therapy for ED: Possible Risks

Application of acupuncture therapy for ED is usually safe. Side effects occur in rare cases. But certain risks still exist since acupuncture is a treatment method. And there are no treatment methods which have no adverse effects. Actually, the use of acupuncture may be risky if the acupuncture practitioner lacks qualification and necessary skills. This may lead to serious consequences, such as neurotrauma, perforation of internal organs, and infection. In fact, infection can be acquired because of the use of unsterilized needles. And this is the most widespread acupuncture complication.

ED Treatment: Additional Options

Of course, acupuncture is not a single alternative way to fight ED. Thus, there is a wide spectrum of highly effective additional measures which you can take to cope with the problem of erectile dysfunction of any origin. And it’s worth noting that a decision to change your lifestyle is the best you can do to boost your sexual function. Moreover, the lifestyle changes don’t require investments, and it’s always possible to start them without delay. So, start with:

  • Regular workouts.
  • Healthy weight loss.
  • Good sleep.
  • Very moderate alcohol consumption.
  • No smoking.
  • Well-balanced diet.

In addition, if you suffer from some psychological issues, such as depression, anxiety, chronic stress, burnout, low self-esteem, etc., pay your attention to psychotherapy. If psychological issues are underlying causes of your erectile dysfunction, psychotherapy is very likely to help you combat it. If ED is of non-psychological origin, your doctor will surely recommend you to try some ED cure. Finally, if all the treatment methods give not effect, the doctor may advise you surgery.

Natural Erectile Dysfunction Cure

Ask your doctor whether natural supplements intake will be effective in your case. The doctor will appraise your ED symptom intensity and, if necessary, recommend you a certain male enhancement product. By the way, the acupuncture specialist can also advise you to use herbal supplements to fix erectile dysfunction. But anyway, don’t start taking any drugs and supplements if your doctor thinks it’s unreasonable or even unsafe. The list of natural ED cures includes but is not limited to ginseng, ginkgo, Maca, Tribulus Terrestris, yohimbine, fenugreek, and L-arginine.

Indeed, the probability to improve your sexual function will be much higher if you undergo acupuncture treatment and take natural male boosters. In this case, you double the power of both treatment methods to substantially intensify the chi energy flow in your reproductive system in particular and in your body in general. As a result, the blood circulation in the penis will increase and, hence, the erection quality will improve. If you take only the recommended dose under the guidance of your doctor who knows all the details of your health history, you will not face any adverse effects.

In addition, you have to be absolutely confident in the quality of natural male enhancement products since your health and life depend on this quality. That’s why you should purchase such supplements at the well-established companies.

Don’t chase the lowest price because finally it may cost you too much. Besides, get to know whether the regulatory authorities have confirmed safety of the particular herbal supplement. You should be very skeptical and cautious if you can’t find the intake recommendations and names of ingredients in your language. Furthermore, you shouldn’t trust the natural remedy manufacturer who tries to convince you of the instant effect of the supplement.


In the modern world, men got used to take ED drugs wishing a very fast effect and not thinking about the consequences. They forgot that there are the natural methods to combat impotence without harm to the health. And acupuncture belongs to these treatment options. It’s a time-proven method to heal different diseases offered by the traditional Chinese medicine. A series of studies conducted in different countries have confirmed that acupuncture can alleviate symptoms of erectile dysfunction if the psychological problems have promoted its development. Acupuncture acts by balancing vital chi energy, directing it to the right places in the body. Thus, needles are used for the insertion into the acupuncture points responsible for proper sexual function. In such a way, it’s possible to improve the quality of erections, increase sexual satisfaction, and boost sexual drive.

What can cure erectile dysfunction naturally?

That’s because these supplements are comprised of the top-notch non-synthetic ingredients such as herbal extracts, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and micronutrients which have a beneficial influence on the men’s sexual health. Also, there are the other ways to naturally repair erectile function: healthy diet, increased physical activity, enough sleep, and less stress.

Are there any ways to reverse erectile dysfunction?

It’s possible to reverse erectile dysfunction since the possibilities of modern medicine are great. The treatment success, as well as the treatment methods depends on the causes which contributed to the development of erectile dysfunction.

Thus, mild to moderate impairment of erectile function can be treated without the use of medications.

In this case, male enhancement supplements such as VigRX Plus and Male Extra may be helpful.

As for severe erectile dysfunction, powerful synthetic medications and penis extenders can effectively fight it under the control of highly professional medical experts.

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