Forskolin Review: Uses, Dosage & Side Effects

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Recommended By Dr. Oz

Dr-Oz “It combines the two topics I get asked about the most – weight loss and alternative health. This thing is lightning in a bottle. It’s a mircale flower to fight fat called Forskolin.”

And it’s not just the famous Dr. Mehmet Oz who gave Forskolin his stamp of approval. Lisa Lynn – a weight loss expert – saw her clients double their weight loss after taking Forskolin supplementation.

Emily, an actress and one of Lynn’s clients, combined Forskolin (at 125 mg. recommended intake) with a clean diet and a gentle exercise program. The results were nothing short of amazing. She reshaped her body in ways she didn’t imagine possible – losing 20 pounds in ONLY 1 month and going down 4 pant sizes in the process.

“If your metabolism is sleeping, Forskolin will wake it up!” remarked Lynn after showing Emily’s amazing results. Read on and see more convincing studies that approved of Forskolin’s numerous weight loss and health benefits.

What Is Forskolin And What It Does In A Nutshell

For years, it has been used to treat and alleviate the symptoms of asthma. Lately however, scientists have found and confirmed its BIG benefits for weight loss.

Coleus Forskohlii, which is the active ingredient in forskolin, is a substance that brings numerous health and pound-shedding benefits. For starters, it increases the levels of hormone-sensitive lipase – an enzyme that is responsible for burning the fat in your body.

Moreover, the plant also stimulates the body’s production of cyclic AMP (or cAMP for short). cAMP stimulates the production and triggers the release of thyroid hormone, and as you’ll see later, this translates to rapid AND safe weight loss. Premium Pure Forskolin puts your metabolism on steroids – melting those stubborn fatty deposits and turning them into natural energy to keep your batteries full throughout the day.

Benefits Of Premium Pure Forskolin

Weight Loss: “Forskolin may be an effective treatment against obesity.” This was the conclusion of a study published in Obesity Research 2005. The study involved 30 overweight and obese men who’re divided into two groups – one receiving placebo and the other receiving Forskolin for 12 weeks. The end of the study saw the Forskolin group enjoying greater body fat reduction and significant increases in bone and lean body mass.

Increased testosterone levels bring significant and positive effects to body composition. A 1989 study at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry concluded that increase in testosterone enhances protein synthesis in muscles – leading to greater muscle mass.

A 1999 study conducted at the School of Exercise Science and Sports Management, Southern Cross University (Australia) came to the same conclusion. Increased testosterone levels led to increase in arm girth and body weight while decreasing body fat at the end of the 12-week study.

Stimulates The Production Of Thyroid Hormones: Studies have shown that the thyroid-stimulating effect of Forskolin can be likened to thyrotopin (or TSH), which is very impressive. With increased thyroid hormone production, your metabolism gets a significant boost.

This induces fat mobilization and oxidation of fatty acids in numerous tissues. Secondly, it also boosts almost ALL aspects of the body’s carbohydrate metabolism. And when you combine these two, it’s only a matter of time before those stubborn fats melt away!