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best penis extenders

That sometimes would create big question to all of us on how are we going to achieve our goal if we are insecure with our sex organs. As a man, it is important that you are confident with your masculinity. Some recent studies revealed that there are a lot of men who are not so confident by the way they are because of the size of their sexual organ. That would not be a very long problem now because penis extender is here to give solution to your problem.

The penis extender is known to be a very effective, efficient and easy to use product. It also guarantees that your penis will not just increase in length but also in with. The item is very easy to use because you can do the whole procedure even in the comforts of your home. This medically accepted penis enhancement device has the capability of permanently letting your sex organ tissue grow. This is different from other given items out there because this item is made from very advanced traction modern technology that is actually not present with other items out there.

This world has a lot of challenges and so, we should learn how to handle all it especially when it would affect our whole family. It is the given duty of every man to stand firmly on his decision by taking good care of his family especially your wife by giving her the best satisfaction in bed all the time. There are a lot of people who are so happy of using this item than anything else because they have achieved their goal of increasing the length of their penis. If you will also try this, then you would really know the real difference.

There are a lot of men who went ahead of you and just started on using this item for a long time now. They have achieved good results and so, you can trust on their claims about using this device. You can also share the good news of using this item to all your friends who you have known to have some sexual problem. Altogether you can try on using this product and compare the results of using this.
If you are really interested of trying to use a penis extender, you can have the top 3 most recommended product that you can consider of using to reach your long time desired goal.

Top Rated Penis Extenders

# 1. SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics is the most recommended brand because it is very easy to use, gives comfort for the body and has long-lasting result especially when you do all of this with the required training and perseverance. This can actually make your penis grow for more than 6 to 12 months. This device is also capable of giving some new tissue as it grows back the length and girth of your sex organ. You do not need to be so afraid of using any of these given penis enhancement device because they work well according to the studies made by a lot of experts.
SizeGenetics has become a satisfaction for all the people who use this because they achieve their goal with this. You just have to follow some simple routines such as having good warm-up by the usage of Bathmate full of water that is not so cold or even not so hot. You should then, massage your penis using your bare hands for about 10 minutes so that blood circulation in it will become good. You can use this device for about 5-6 hours on an hour intervals in between with some rest for around 15 minutes for only $199.00.

2. X4Labs

X4Labs could really helps all those men out there who want to achieve good tension and traction of their penis. There is an instructional DVD available for you to watch on how you could use this product. The pressure of guiding the penis to grow is very well-controlled because there is a device called the very precise steel rods that will take over the changes in your sex organ. There is no way that you will become afraid of using this item because this is very safe. Surely, you would achieve your goal of using this penis extender, so you better try this now.

X4Labs is really works best for those people who want to get good results of their goal in the least number of times. It would take just 6 months until you will reach your desired penis size. You would start to be really so confident about yourself when you go to bed with your partner. Remember that sizes really do matter and so, you must have it. Work hard on it by using this penis extender without thinking twice by paying $320.95. There are a lot of men who have been using this item and they have nothing but good testimony of using it.

3. ProExtender

ProExtender is a type of male enhancement item that is made up of very simple design. There is no need to worry because it is very easy to use. Even with just very simple grip can easily get your sex organ to grow. Also, the tension will really just great cellular division in your body because your penis will really increase in length, width or girth as you have always wished to happened. There are a lot of people who are trying this item and they have found good results here.

It is the best item that you can use right now. You can use this for a lot of hours per day which would be up until six more months. Certainly, you will achieve great results of using this item than anything else by shelling out $429.95. This is the best solution that you are looking for so, your time and money invested in this product will not be of waste because this is really one of the most recommended items given for you.

Penis Extender Buying Tips

Are you fascinated with the penis extenders and penis enhancing devices that are available in the market and you see online? Penis extender is one of the most searched topic in the internet and a lot of men, even the average sized, are interested.

Many penis extenders advertisements claim that their product is the safest and most effective in the market and can give a noticeable improvement in length and shape of penis. Some brands will also boast the result of studies made on their products.

However, it is still important that not all of these penis enhancing devices perform as advertised and you might choose the wrong product.

Some can give a permanent result and some short-term. Some devices are just waste of precious money.

It is good to know as well that using penis extenders is risky and can have a permanent dangerous effect in your penis or even in your lifestyle.

If you are contemplating in purchasing a penis extender, you must understand the types so you can have options or alternative.

  • Silicone Tubing Extender. This is also called a Noose Based Penis Extender. This is the classic design of an extender and is made in transparent material. This is said to be the most comfortable type. It fixed in the head of the penis for proper positioning and the “noose support” part is the one directly affects the blood circulation. However, some also say that this method is not truly effective because it causes a restriction of blood circulation.
  • Silicone Strap Extender. It uses a larger and wider silicone strap for better support to the penis. Because of its augmented support, there is a better blood circulation that’s why some claims that this is far more effective.
  • Hybrid system. This device lets men choose their own fixation method. Just like the strap extender, it also promotes and maintains good blood flow.
  • It is also essential to undergo a proper enlargement program using the penis extender. The ideal routine usually takes 4 to 6 hours per day to see a noticeable result in the shortest time.

Moreover, please note of the following advice when using penis extenders or penis enhancement device to avoid injury:

  • Follow the procedure in using the device as instructed in the package. Also, make sure to follow the company’s “exercise program” for your penis.
  • Do not wear penis extenders to sleep
  • Wear loose pants when going to work with a penis extender.
  • Keep your device clean.

Choosing the right type of penis extender is important especially if this is your first time trying this kind of product.

Decide based on safety, comfort, performance, and manufacturer. Do not decide based on advertisement alone as many of them just give false promises and once bought, will not give you any performance as promised.

Make sure that the product you are buying will give you the performance as what you have paid for.

For the best advice regarding this, please do not forget to consider the advice of your doctor.

Better be Safe than Sorry! How to Safely Put a Penis Extender

Like all of the health and beauty methods, penis extender should be done safely and correctly in order for you to achieve the inch that you want. Penis extender is one of the penis enlargement method in which an instrument is worn on the penis to increase its size. This method has been prescribed by doctors for years and said to increase the length of your penis to an inch. How it is effective and the science behind it may still give you curiosity, so to better clarify possible questions, here is a simple explanation.

How does Penis Extender work?

A penis extender works by means of traction. Traction is defined as a belief that when a body part is stretched over time, the length and/or width is increased as cell division and expansion occurs. Since it is said to be ‘stretched over a period of time,’ a specific hour, day and even month should be consistent in order for you to achieve the size of the penis you have always want. In this case, this penis enlargement device is used for 6-8 hours in 6 months.

So to further take advantage of this penis enlargement device, here is a practical step-by-step guide on how to use it.

1. Make sure that your penis is dry.
The penis extender device can be made of metals, plastics and other materials that can be hard to stay in place when your penis is wet.

2. Your penis should be in a semi-erect state.
This penis enlargement device has screws and clamps which can be hard to hold your penis in its proper position if it is too flaccid, much more when it is fully erect.

3. Place your penis into the plastic ring at the base.
Carefully insert your penis at the base, making sure that it is in place.

4. Fasten the comfort pad to the device and slowly pull down until you see the penis head is secured.

5. Choose the tension you are most comfortable with. Do not attempt to increase the tension more than you can handle. It may be harmful to the muscles around your penis and may give you discomforts and other unwanted effects.

6. Position the extender at the end of your penis and adjust the braces carefully.

And voila! You are done. Remember to wear this for 6 hours in 6 months. This may be uncomfortable at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to tolerate for 6 months.

There is no better way to explain a procedure than knowing what to do with your own penis extender product. Since there are lots of products available in the market, there may be different ways to use an extender. Just make sure to read and understand the instructions, or better yet call the company for thorough information. Most of all, consider the advice of your doctor. Your doctor can prescribe you the best method that suits your health and preferences.

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The Right Use of Penis Extenders

Most men are always concerned with their masculinity. With this, they are getting frenzied about having an enlarged penis. About third-quarter of the male population wishes to posses a long, thick reproductive organ. Fortunately, it is not difficult to use as there are now different tools and techniques that men could use in enlarging their possession. One of the known popular devices for penis enlargement is the penis extender.

The penis extender is a medicated tool that is placed in the penis, supplying a constant stretching force in order to facilitate lengthening of the penis. This tool is often light-weighted, and they are usually worn when the penis is in its drooping state. What’s nice in using this device is that it can be adjusted to accommodate an enlarging penis. There are various traction force applied and men can choose his desired force when utilizing the device. When the penis extender is utilized for six to eight hours, men would certainly get the best desired results.

The main functionality of the penis extender is the constant force of traction that is applied to the device in stretching the organ, which results in splitting the cells within and grow individually. When this takes place, there will be more blood flow to the penis resulting its size grow bigger, whether it is flaccid or erect. The mechanism of the penis extender is based on the concept that the human body adapt to changes when there is a reaction alongside environmental conditions. This is why people apply constant force in certain situations like moving the teeth based on orthodontics, or exercising for strengthening the muscles. Thus, these extenders are effective and safe to use compared to other devices that claim to help increase men’s penile size. High quality and efficient penis extenders have been proven for a number of times to prove its safety. Most of the time, the output it produces is outstanding for men coming from different ages. Undoubtedly, there will be an output of one inch growth when utilizing penis extender within six weeks.

Men may cease to stop using a penis extender once he is already satisfied with the size of his penis. However, all of the penis extenders are not created to belong to a same category, nor created equally. Therefore, one should consider looking for a device that is created using high-edge materials. Also, the straps that are utilized in the penis extender must be comfortable enough to wear when used in stretching. Nevertheless, genuine penis extenders are being utilized in order to help men increase their penile growth naturally. In fact, its efficacy has been already tested and proven in place of dangerous surgical procedures, which may involve costly expenses. Penis extenders only make use of the mechanism called traction, which enhances the production of tissue resulting in the increasing growth of the penis. The penis extender and other medical devices are created with the help of health experts that understand the penile reproductive system of men.

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Benefits of Extender: Six Reasons Why You Must Try This Enlargement Method

To increase the size of one’s penis, men can use a variety of methods. In the past most men turned to manual exercises or penile surgery.
In recent years, scientific experts have provided and perfected additional tool for natural and permanent penis enlargement.
First patented in 1911, modern penis enlargement stretchers are clinically proven to naturally stimulate growth of new tissue within the penis.
Some of these devices are also medically backed to CE standards and are proven to provide permanent penis enlargement.
Best penis stretching devices are able to offer men results within 7 days, with a 30% increase being possible within 24 weeks.
Read more to learn about many benefits of using extender.

1. Permanent and natural penis enlargement

According to clinical studies, good quality penile extenders can add up to 3” in penis length and girth. The average gain for most users is 2 inches in length and 1.5 inches in girth. Many users gain more than the average.
All gains are permanent and will not go away. Not a single patient experienced regression in size after 5 months follow up to a clinical trial.
Top penis enlargement methods like Sizegenetics actually guarantee that you will achieve significant measurable gains in both the thickness and length of your penis if you follow the program.

2. Ability to get an erection every time you want to

One of the causes of impotence problems is a weak and unhealthy penis with poor circulation. Penile extender works naturally to increase the size of Corpora Cavernosa – 2 chambers that holds over 90% of blood during an erection. Additionally, as penis grows in size, extender stimulates growth of new veins and improve blood circulation all over your penis.

You will notice harder erections every time you are having sex. You will enjoy rock hard erections while others will be struggling to just get one.

3. Ability to control ejaculation and last longer during sex

Many studies, and users, have confirmed that penis stretchers not only enlarge the penis but also help in controlling ejaculation. Increase size of Corpora Cavernosa will provide larger space for all the blood flowing in during the erection time. This will give you better control over ejaculation. As your penis will get larger, you will only ejaculate whenever you want to.

Additionally, this enlargement device will also make you more aware and sensitive about your penis. Frequent wearing of the extender helps you in knowing and listening to your penis. In fact, doctors recommend using the extender coupled with penile exercise program to cure premature ejaculation problems.

4. Penile Curvature Correction

Many men are looking for safe and low cost alternatives for treating curvature of penis and Peyronie’s disease. We know that increasingly curved penis if left untreated, causes painful and unsatisfying sex. Penis Extender is a sensible treatment for these issues. In fact, top penis stretchers has been found to correct curvature problems by up to 40%. Therefore more and more doctors and patients are using this safe and effective alternative with great result.

5. Find new self-esteem and develop strong confidence

It has been many times proven that opposite sex attraction or sexiness comes from confidence. Having a larger, more muscular and fuller penis will give you that confidence. Many men reported increased level of success in different areas of life, including financial, professional, emotional and sexual.

6. Double your sex drive and stamina

100% of the users questioned reported the increased desire for sex. Hydro penis pumps are known to double your sexual stamina and desire. This is most probably caused because of the developed confidence from bigger, stronger and more able penis.

Additionally, 100% of the users also reported that they could last longer during sex. Better ability to control and delay ejaculation naturally leads to longer sex and complete satisfaction of both partners. You can now keep your partner happy over and over again.

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The Bottom Line On The Best Penis Extender

If you are not already aware of it, SizeGenetics is a penis extender product that has shown to give significant results. If you are interested in having a larger sexual organ, then there are seven things that you should know about it.

1. The best way to increase penis sizes to use the traction method. SizeGenetics is a penis extender that fits over the penis and will gently stretch it so that you safely bring about cell duplication. This is the most effective method of bringing about an increase in size.

2. Not only do you not have to be concerned about a reduction in the firmness of your erection but you’ll actually find that your erections are harder. The blood flow to the penis is increased and this means that you and your partner will enjoy rock hard erections.

3. SizeGenetics extender is part of a complete system that will not only allow you to enjoy the benefits of a larger penis, but it will also provide you with details about exercises that can increase your size and performance. Information about different sexual techniques is also included.

4. Privacy is important and the company has thought of this as well. It comes with a lockable leather case and that means that you are the only one that needs to know that you’re using it.

5. The SizeGenetics penis extender grows along with you. As you start to notice an increase in both the length and the width of your erections, you will also notice that your flaccid penis is larger. There are spare parts that come with the penis extender that allow it to grow along with you.

6. A guarantee is extremely important when you are buying a penis extender that promises to increase the size of your penis. Many penis stretchers will offer a guarantee that is far too short, but this one comes with a six month guarantee. That gives you peace of mind and lets you know that it works.

7. Nobody wants to take chances when it comes to their sexual organs. This penis extender is endorsed by doctors, and it also carries the European CE mark as a type 1 medical device. That means that it is safe to use on top of being incredibly effective.

Don’t wait any longer to start enjoying the benefits of having a larger penis. The SizeGenetics product uses proven scientific methods and comes as a complete system that provides you with increased size and improved sexual performance.

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