Acupuncture For Weight-Loss

Acupuncture For Weight-Loss
In the modern world, it’s almost impossible to find people, except perhaps the wild tribes, still living in the jungle, who would not have thought about losing weight. The number of people with overweight is steadily increasing from year to year. Excess weight leads not only to psychological problems.

It also significantly increases the risk of diseases, such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes, etc. For many people, the desire to lose weight is so overwhelming that it leads them down a dangerous path of following debilitating diets and taking illegal synthetic weight loss pills. However, obesity is a multifaceted problem.
Therefore, an effective program targeted on the problem elimination should include several components, such as a healthy diet, high-intense workouts, natural diet pills, stress reduction techniques, and alternative weight loss methods. As for the latter ones, acupuncture and acupressure belong to the most famous alternatives.

Acupuncture Weight Loss Effects

Thus, acupuncture has the following effects:

Decrease in appetite.
Normalization of digestion processes due to the synthesis of digestive enzymes.
Elimination of hormonal imbalance symptoms.
Lipolysis enhancement.
Metabolism improvement.
Decrease in sugar levels.
Improvement of blood circulation in the organs of the digestive system.
Enhancement of the functions of liver and kidneys.
No side effects.
Possibility of combination with the other weight loss approaches.
No age restrictions.
Minimum number of contraindications.
Positive effect on the overall health.

Acupuncture Weight Loss Points

According to the review data, Chinese acupuncture slimming usually has no side effects. After the collection of all the necessary information during preliminary diagnostics, tcm specialists develop individual treatment guidelines, using a point chart in the ear area, as well as in the other parts of the body. Does it work? Yes. Effectiveness of acupuncture and weight loss depends on the skilful stimulation of auricular points in the ear area and adherence to a well-balance diet. And by the way, the simultaneous intake of reliable natural diet pills will also accelerate the healthy weight loss process. Though there are many acupuncture points on the human body, the most important ones responsible for weight loss are concentrated mainly on both ears. Usually, the acupuncture practitioner chooses two or more of these points for treatment, depending on the patient’s medical history and a goal the patient sets.

What Happens During Acupuncture

During acupuncture session, special needles are inserted into certain bioactive points on the body and, thereby, multifaceted effects are achieved. Thus, these effects include alleviation of pain, energy balancing, and promotion of the release of endorphins which are the hormone-like biochemicals. Acupuncture for weight loss works at different levels. For example, it can stimulate the production of serotonin, hence increasing the body’s resistance to stress. And how do people often relieve stress? Right, they comfort eat and, consequently, gain weight. Acupuncture can also improve intestinal muscle tone and, in turn, reduce the feeling of hunger. In addition, it was proved that acupuncture has an impact on hypothalamus which plays a big role in the mechanisms of appetite regulation. You can also additionally use the best diet pills to enhance acupuncture effects.

Unique Laser Acupuncture

Using laser acupuncture to lose weight the cost of which is quite affordable, you rely on the unique technique that combines the practice of the most reputable research centers of traditional Chinese medicine and the laser technologies. Can you use this treatment method safely? Surely. The professionals use a continuous-wave red laser which penetrates to a depth of several centimeters. The effects of laser acupuncture are very similar to the effects of needle acupuncture. Consequently, any diseases that usually respond well to traditional acupuncture also respond well to laser acupuncture. Though, the laser can’t reach deep acupuncture points. This type of acupuncture has additional advantages. Thus, since it doesn’t require the insertion of needles in the skin, it’s completely painless and doesn’t cause fear.

Innovative Electro Acupuncture

Success of acupuncture and weight loss benefits can be even greater if you use one of the modernized methods of Chinese practice; that is, electro acupuncture. It’s an improved method of acupuncture which implies the necessity to pass electric current of varying intensity through the needles inserted into the acupuncture points. Electro stimulator is used for this purpose. In such a way, the acupuncture points are directly stimulated. Thus, firstly, it’s necessary to insert the needles into the acupuncture points. After this, the clamping unit of electro acupuncture device should be connected. Different electrical impulses are used, depending on the medical grounds. By the way, it’s even possible to increase the efficacy of this treatment method if you also consume safe weight loss pills from the reliable manufacturer.

Acupressure for Weight Loss: What Is It

acupuncture points weight lossChinese acupressure for weight loss, or point massage, is the pressure on acupressure points, especially those in the ear and toe areas, without skin damage and with the help of fingers or special massage sticks. Acupressure is an ancient Chinese practice that is now available to everyone. Such an easy and pleasant way to combat obesity helps people lose weight painlessly and feel themselves vigorous. The main purpose of acupressure is to massage the acupressure points in order to suppress the hunger feeling. Pressure on these points accelerates metabolism and reduces appetite. Due to this, the weight decreases.

Acupressure Slimming Points

In the ear auricle, there are the majority of points the stimulation of which makes body decrease weight successfully. Thus, the most sensitive point for weight loss is located under the earlobe. It can control the hunger feeling. Smooth massage techniques help people with excess weight decrease appetite and eat less food. The other effective acupressure points for weight loss which are responsible for fast metabolism are located on hands and on stomach. Foot is also a real map on which each human organ is projected. Therefore, foot abounds with points for weight loss. The active zone crucial for the proper functioning of gastrointestinal tract, adrenal glands, and kidneys is located in the middle of the arch of foot.

Acupressure for Self-Treatment

Actually, not only specialists are able to master acupressure techniques. Thus, according to numerous reviews, self acupressure for weight loss is quite possible if you learn auricular and other points chart. Having learned the location of some acupressure points and the way of pressing them, you can have an acupressure session without leaving home. And even at the workplace, acupressure can be accessible because some of its techniques are quite unnoticed. The right approach to self-massage is very important. Otherwise, all your efforts will be ineffective. If you follow all the instructions to carry out the procedure accurately, you will see the results in a few weeks.

Acupressure and Acupuncture Slimming: Truth or Not

Nowadays, there is a huge choice of the modern solutions that help obese people lose weight. Different diets, natural weight loss pills, acupressure, and acupuncture weight loss treatment are only a few of them. The loss of extra pounds involves a certain weight control. That is, it’s necessary to have the ability to regulate own appetite, develop healthy eating habits, and take into account numerous metabolic factors. Therefore, you shouldn’t consider acupuncture and acupressure a panacea that will solve the problem of obesity once and forever. Nevertheless, these highly promising treatment methods truly accelerate and facilitate the process of losing weight if you find a highly qualified acupressure and acupuncture practitioner. Anyway, before and after acupuncture for ED or weight loss treatment with the competent use of points chart, it’s necessary to strictly adhere to a diet plan and change your lifestyle. Moreover, if you combine acupuncture and acupressure treatment with the use of the best diet pills with natural ingredients, you will achieve unrivaled results in the weight loss process.