Different Types Of Child Doctors

Just as adults need doctors, children need them three times over - children's health care is vital. This is because they are still young and their immune system has not been fully established. There are several doctors who have specialized in different fields with special focus on children. Since children are continuously growing while simultaneously changing, a pediatric doctor is more needed than a regular family doctor. Here are the doctors who have specialized in pediatric medicine:


A pediatrician is general practitioner for children. He is in charge of the annual physical check up of the kid. In case, any illness or disease may arise, he should be the first to be consulted. A family doctor of practitioner can do this too. But more information and skills were gained by pediatricians with regards to dealing with children having tantrums, fears and the like. Dealing with possible scenes were children may be throwing attitude or shows fear with drugs, doctors of other stuff, pediatricians are very well trained in de-escalating such behaviors and making children relax more to undergo medical interventions or procedures. In case the scenario calls for a more specialized doctor, he can give you a reliable referral for the physical wellness of your children.

Pediatric Psychiatrist

Psychiatrists for children are the best doctors to deal with children for diagnostic and treatment of mental illnesses. They were trained to handle interventions that were specifically designed for children. This is because children react to things or situations with a very high significant difference as compared to adults. Though a general psychiatrist can also handle psychiatric cases, the pediatric psychiatrist is more equipped with regards to handling children.

Pediatric Cardiologist

Pediatric Cardiologists handle heart problems for children. He deals from simple heart murmur to a delicate heart transplant. The advantage of checking on him rather than a cardiologist who practices on all ages, he has more experience and knowledge on how a younger body reacts to medicines and treatments as compared to adult bodies.

Pediatric Oncologist

Oncologists are doctors specially trained with the use of several of medications to treat and manage patients who have cancer. Pediatric oncologists on the other hand are more adept at handling cancer diagnosis and treatment for children as compared to general oncologists. More noticeably, they are more active in research that involves cancer and children.

Pediatric Endocrinologist

Endocrinologists deal with the body's "ductless" glands and their functions. They are concerned with the pituitary, thyroid and adrenal glands which include nutritional disorders. Pediatric Endocrinologists have specialized in growth and hormonal disorders on children. They also deal with diabetes and hypertension which is rare among children but highly dangerous for them with their young bodies.

Pediatric Surgeon

Children have smaller and younger internal and external body parts as compared to adults. Pediatric surgeons are more knowledgeable and equipped in working with children in case surgeries are necessary. They also have more information based on experience as to how children's body react treatments and procedures brought about by surgery.

Language Pathologist/Pediatric Speech

Pediatric pathologists specialized with children who have developmental delays related to speech and language. This includes disorders related to hearing problems of illness which involves other cases. They also delay with mental delays. Noticeably, pediatric pathologists are more patient and knowledgeable in dealing with interventions specifically designed and tested on children.