Acupressure – Powerful ED Treatment

There are quite a lot of causes, leading to erectile dysfunction. In particular, sexual weakness can develop as a result of alcohol abuse, some potent medication, as well as spinal trauma, obesity, and diabetes.

In each of these cases, it is necessary to eliminate the main cause of impotence. It has become known that you are able to get rid of ED with the help of acupuncture points massage (although, there is no doubt that it can be carried out together with other prescribed procedures). But if the sexual weakness is caused by emotional shocks, acupressure sessions will quickly restore your sexual function.

So, there is a wide variety of ED causes. The main ones include neurosis, stresses, athletic overexertion, and psycho-emotional overload. It’s needless to say that for any man, erection problems are like a failure that can cause not only heavy emotions, but also a long-term depression. And yet don’t surrender to despair: you can try to cure ED with the help of acupressure.

Acupressure – Your Way to Recover from ED

In order to treat ED issues, you need to find the energy points on the feet, as well as the points corresponding to the pituitary gland, the adrenal glands, the genital organs, the kidneys, the navel, and the waist.

Whatever the reason for the erectile dysfunction is, acupressure treatment should begin with the heating of vital points on the surface of your body.

After all, acupressure procedure, if you do it every evening for 2-3 weeks, is a great opportunity to relax and distract from routine business and distressing thoughts. Getting rid of a constant sense of anxiety, you will make the first step to recovery.
Rubbing the points, associated with the pituitary gland, adrenal gland, and testicles, you stimulate sex glands, producing male sex hormones. That is the easiest way to increase potency and sex drive.

Therapeutic Effect of Acupressure Therapy

In most cases, people use acupressure along with some medication, or even herbal treatment. It’s worth noting that it doesn’t replace conventional medical therapy. So, if you want to cure ED, it’s also recommended getting acupressure therapy under control of a specialist.

See your local acupuncture physician or MD to diagnose your health condition. As a result, you’ll get full understanding of what’s the cause behind your ED.
Acupressure has been used since ancient times to treat different diseases, including ED. It has proved its effectiveness, withstanding the test of time. Moreover, this method is very simple. It is like a pressing massage of the skin in the areas of ​​so-called “life points”, which, in fact, are biologically active points of the body.

As for the therapeutic effect, it has been established that acupressure:

normalizes the energy balance;
reduces pain;
relieves nervous and muscular tension;
increases arterial blood flow, and so on.

The “life points” have some specific features that distinguish them from the surrounding skin areas. If you press on these points, there usually appears the feeling of pain, aches, or numbness. You don’t feel it, when you miss them, pressing outside of the point’s area.

So, it is like sensory evidence that you should have, since that is the criteria for the correct acupressure technique, affecting the biologically active part of the body.

Acupressure Precautions

In general, acupressure and acupuncture for ED is a safe technique. But, there are also some contraindications for the use of this therapy that you should be aware of. These include:

declining years;
febrile state;
stomach and duodenal ulcer;
acute infectious diseases;
organic lesions of internal organs;
malignant and benign tumors;
post infarct condition;
cardiopulmonary insufficiency;
active forms of tuberculosis;
physical overexertion;
blood diseases.
Besides, specialists don’t recommend doing acupressure massage on an empty stomach. In addition, during a course of manual therapy, do not take spicy and salty foods, strong tea, coffee, and alcohol. And you shouldn’t take hot baths, and sauna. You can also try forskolin.

It is necessary to take a comfortable position for an acupressure session. Try not to think about extraneous things, and relax. The full course of treatment includes 10-12 sessions.

It is enough to undergo one course of acupressure, if you have a mild form of erectile dysfunction. Some patients need 2-3 courses, and in more severe forms – 4-5 courses. Pressure point massage can be done 1-2 times a day. Take a break for 1 to 4 weeks between the courses.

The effectiveness of acupressure is not always the same. In some cases, the effect is observed immediately, and sometimes – after several sessions, or even at the end of the full course.

Alleviate Symptoms of ED with Acupressure

Erectile dysfunction is a mind-body complex problem, ranging from emotional to physical issues. If you wish to have regular sexual life with your partner, you need to consider your lifestyle, whether you get enough rest and exercise.

Besides, there is a set of specific points on your body to alleviate symptoms of ED. Moreover, knowing the acupressure points will help you improve your overall physical health. There are points that stimulate your energy levels throughout a day.

You can press these points with a finger very gently in a clockwise direction for 2 to 3 minutes as a daily practice. In addition, you can heat it up lightly for 2 to 3 minutes, which will keep you balanced and maintain other bodily functions.

Moreover, according to traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure is helpful, invigorating your genital system, restoring libido and treating ED. If you do acupressure at home and there is no effect within a week, please consult your acupuncturist to get professional advice concerning your problem.

Reliability of ED Supplement Pills: Natural Viagra Alternative

Thus, the study results have proved that these male enhancement pills contain natural substances which do not cause many adverse effects. A few existing adverse effects are very mild and include indigestion, nausea, and dizziness.

As a rule, these adverse effects occur only if men take the supplements not according to the prescribing information. Furthermore, to increase reliability of the supplement pills, it is necessary to choose only the highly reputable suppliers of these products. The patients should accept the doctor’s recommendations. Only in this case, it’s possible to purchase the best natural Viagra alternatives.