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Vacuum pumps are devices, which are appropriate for erectile dysfunction treatment in men older than 30 years of age. This not complicated system solves a very serious problem of sexual relationships, which suffer from erectile dysfunction problems. Inability to have a healthy sexual life affects both partners, and thus when you get back to normal sexual functioning with vacuum pump, you will be able to renew the intimate connection with your partner. Vacuum pumps, like other treatments of erectile dysfunction, do not solve the problems with orgasm and ejaculation or with of lack of desire for sex. But this device will easily repair your ability to get and keep an erection long enough and strong enough to please yourself and your partner.

Vacuum therapy devices (also called penis pumps) are useful and helpful in cases, when drugs, like Viagra do not work, and there is no need to make a surgery. Vacuum pump is used in combination with vacuum constriction device, while pump is used to make an erection; the constriction device is used to maintain it. Vacuum devices are used for treatment of different forms of erectile dysfunction(such as being unable to receive an erection, inconsistent ability to get an erection, or ability to only have short-term erections) at any age, which can be caused by different causes (such as drugs side effects, diseases or injuries).

Vacuum pumps are widely used by men, suffering from erectile dysfunction, and are considered a very safe and highly successful in terms of giving satisfaction to both partners of sexual activity. It is especially widely used among patients, who have undergone a prostatic surgery and who have severe forms of erectile disfunction(determined by inability to have nocturnal erections).

Vacuum pumps are approved by the American Food and Drug Administration and consist of thee elements. The first element is a plastic cylinder, where a penis is placed. The second element is a pump itself, which draws out air of the cylinder, creating vacuum. The vacuum then causes blood flow to the penis, which then naturally expands, like it would during a normal erection. A constriction ring is the third element, and is usually made of soft rubber material or silicon and is put on the penis, causing no discomfort. Usually, when ordering vacuum pump device, you will receive a number of constriction rings and will be able to find the one, which exactly fits your size. When a constriction ring is placed on the base of a penis, the penis is taken out of the plastic cylinder. The constriction ring prevents blood outflow from the penis and is removed after sexual intercourse. The rubber ring in general should not be placed on penis for longer than half an hour, in order not to cause damage to penis veins and arteries. Condoms can be used in combination with a constriction ring, as the ring gives no damage to the penis and doest give any discomfort during sexual intercourse.

Vacuum pumps are usually operated manually and work by creating a vacuum around penis, causing blood flow and giving an erection. The erectile vacuum pumps are absolutely safe and have no contradictions for their use. None of the erectile disfunction drugs is as effective, as the vacuum pump device, as pills, injections and other ED treatments usually give only up to 70% of successful cases, while with vacuum pump devices you are 100% guaranteed to get an erection. Another advantage of using vacuum pump devices is that when using it for a long period of time, you will be able to increase the size of penis, both girth and length, as the penis gets gradually stretched by the vacuum and over-pumped with blood.

The vacuum pump devices are rather expensive, but you should remember that this is a one time expense, which will ensure you have a healthy sexual life for many-many years.

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